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netFORUM Tips and Tricks

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​By Lee Hutchinson

netFORUM is a robust database full of useful information. Here are some tips on how to effortlessly get around.

  • Want to quickly access your most recently viewed individuals and organizations? Just point at Recent Contacts in the tool bar on the left of the page. Here you will see your 10 most recently accessed individuals and organizations. Just click on the one you want to revisit and voila!
  • Do you have a mailing list that you frequently use? Add it to your Favorites! After you navigate to said list, just point at Favorites on the toolbar to the left and select Add to Favorites. Give it a name and click save. Keep the name short; there is a 20 character limit. After a refresh you will see the link in your favorites for easy access.
  • Want to get back to the Overview page? Just point and click on netFORUM at the top center of your page. This refreshes your session and takes you home.

As always, if you have any questions or problems, please let us know.

Who do I Contact with netFORUM-related questions and/or requests?

  • netFORUM login and technical issues: Lee Hutchinson
  • netFORUM additions/changes:
  • netFORUM event setup and online meeting registration: Tony Odett
  • US Member Companies, CEO and officer inquiries: Brian Farrell, Lee Hutchinson, Owen Schmitt
  • Website password requests and general questions:
  • Member inquiries:

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