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​By Jennifer Asher

Have you heard about EEI’s Associate membership program? EEI has three major categories of membership: 1) U.S. investor-owned electric utilities; 2) International affiliates; and 3) Associate members that are vendors, suppliers, consultants, and businesses supporting the energy industry. We now have more than 250+ Associate members with 660 contacts, and the membership is growing! Each company assigns a primary contact for the membership, and also multiple contacts who can receive Associate membership benefits. Companies that are engaged in generating electricity, transmission, distribution, sale or brokerage of electricity, are not eligible to join as an Associate member.

Please visit our Web site for more detailed information on the benefits of the Program. If you wish to refer a company contact who is interested in joining as an Associate member, please contact Jennifer Asher.

Benefits Received by Associates: Associates primarily receive Insight – Access – and Visibility when they join EEI-

  • Insight: They receive insight from people in the industry; gain access to exclusive members-only areas of our Web site; receive newsletters, directories, online subscription to the Daily Energy News, reports on the industry, and discounted meeting registration fees, etc.
  • Access: Networking with influential industry decision-makers at members-only meetings, conferences, and the EEI Annual Convention. Sponsorship and exhibit opportunities are available at most meetings. Associate members are not eligible to join EEI Committees.
  • Visibility: They are more visible through listings in exclusive directories and publications that we send to utility executives and inclusion in our online directory.

Associate Dues: Associate membership is provided on a company basis with annual dues according to the company’s revenue, and start at $4,000 (revenue of less than $50 million) and $6,000 (revenue of more than $50 million).

Online Associate Directory: Please visit our Online Associate Directory, which contains company logos and a profile of each company at The directory is sorted by business category or alpha company listing.

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