Supplier Diversity Program

For more than 30 years, EEI's Supplier Diversity Program has created opportunities for diverse businesses to take part in the growth of the electric utility industry. EEI and its members aim to establish long-term relationships with diverse suppliers who provide products and services that help our industry succeed in a highly competitive environment. Our members continue to build close alliances with diverse suppliers, knowing that a business practice today will impact business development tomorrow. 

Our mission is to provide guidance and leadership to members using a dynamic 360º vision, managing a myriad of needs,and sustaining full industry alignment in a changing business environment.

The Annual Supplier Diversity Conference

Whether you're a supplier looking for customers, or a customer looking for a supplier, EEI's Annual Supplier Diversity Conference is a must-attend event. The conference includes case studies, industry speakers, and business networking opportunities. All utilities are invited to participate in this utility-specific conference. For more information, e-mail
Why You Should Attend: Comments from last years conference
"My President has attended previous EEI Conferences, and invited me to attend this year.  Very impressive gathering of the people that directly contribute to our success within the power generation.  I look forward to the many opportunites I anticipate will present as a result of this conference. "
"Overall the event was productive and good investment of time and money for our company.  However, like many events, the follow through and follow up is the litmus test for success.  Many of the utilities were well prepared and I felt was really engaged." 

"As a former executive with a company who sold services to the utility industry, I had a feel for what to expect, though even I was surprised by the friendliness and true openness to helping small businesses-such as ourselves-feel like a part of the "family"."
View Upcoming Meetings for more details on the 31st Annual Supplier Diversity Conference, May 20-23, 2014, Westin Charlotte, Charlotte, North Carolina.
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