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Ab​out EEI's International Programs

EEI's International Programs currently serves more than 60 international electric power companies with operations in more than 60 countries around the world.
The Program serves as a platform to provide international and U.S. electric power company executives and management with opportunities for knowledge exchange, peer-to-peer and industry expert connections, the ability to promote company initiatives and successes, analysis on global utility developments, access to EEI in-house experts and more.

EEI's International Programs delivers value through three core activities:
  1. Global Outreach
  2. Thought Leadership
  3. Convening Opportunities for Strategic Dialogues

What's New

September, 2016

  • ​Dr. Lawrence Jones wrote a thought-piece​ on electric power industry transformation and the many pathways to a shared future in The Electricity Journal.

August, 2016

  • ​​David Owens, EEI Executive Vice President of Business Operations and Regulatory Affairs, presented on Key Issues for Grid Modernization​ at Smart Grids in Mexico, in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Energy.
  • Scott Aaronson, EEI Executive Director of Security and Business Continuity discussed​ grid security with RealClearEnergy.

July, 2016

  • EEI's International Programs released its 2016 Mid-Year Report​, highlighting some of the International Programs' activities and accomplishments from January - July, 2016, and including an outlook of activities for the remainder of the year. 

June, 2016

  • Dr. Lawrence Jones participated in a discussion on Utilities and Transportation Electrification, hosted by the Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership (GSEP), and in partnership with Hydro-Québec and Electric Mobility Canada (EMC).
  • EEI partnered with EnAct for its Father's Day 'energy wish for every child in the world' campaign​​, including quotes from EEI's leadership team. EEI's Vice President of International Programs, Dr. Lawrence Jones, participated in a related podcast with EnAct Executive Director Marilyn Smith.
  • EEI partnered with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the World Resources Institute (WRI) to release a review of electric company-offered corporate renewable energy products to promote greater customer collaboration.
  • Review the highlights from EEI's Annual Convention.
  • Congratulations to The AES Corporation (AES) for winning EEI's 2016 International Edison Award.
  • The Edison Foundation Institute for Electric Innovation (IEI) released its latest book, Thought Leaders Speak Out: Key Trends Driving Change in the Electric Power Industry, Volume II.
  • EEI and the China Electricity Council (CEC) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to deepen cooperative partnership and promote mutual development between the two organizations and their member companies.

May, 2016

  • ​EEI released its annual Financial Review​ on the financial performance and strategic direction of the electric utility industry, including policy developments that continue to shape the industry.

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