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International Members
EEI currently serves more than 60 International Members with operations in over 60 countries on six continents around the world. Our Core Activities include:
  1. Global Outreach
  2. Thought Leadership
  3. Convening Opportunities for Strategic Dialogues
Specific services include alerting international members to new EEI products and services available to them, supporting research or data gathering on the U.S. electricity industry, encouraging involvement on EEI committees and task forces, and promoting participation at EEI's conferences, including the Annual Convention and the U.S. and International Financial Conferences.

For more information:
  • International Members List
    EEI's International Members program provides the critical link that brings together electric companies around the world with the U.S. electric power industry.
  • Member Center 
    Get easy access to the latest activities and services provided through EEI's Web site.
  • Benefits
    EEI's International Members program is your link to the fast-changing electricity industry in a world that is increasingly interconnected.
  • How to Join
    EEI's International Members program offers electric utilities outside the United States the opportunity to become members regardless of ownership form.

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