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Becoming an International Member

EEI's International Program serves as a platform for international members to:
    • ​Evaluate industry developments
    • Measure performance and future growth
    • Highlight member company initiatives
    • Exchange knowledge
    • Network with electric power company peers
    • Develop industry stakeholder connections

Membership Cost

Membership costs vary by size and type of company applying for international membership. Annual dues are based on the following factors:
  • Operating/Integrated Utility Company 

    • Transmission and Distribution Component: Total average number of customers served at end of a fiscal year and total revenue
    • Generation Component: Generation-owned capacity
  • Generation Utility Company

    • Generation Component: Generation-owned capacity
    • Transmission Component: Total revenue
  • Transmission Utility Company

    • Transmission Core Component: Total revenue
    • Transmission Component: Year-end owned/leased transmission assets
Membership Application Process
  1. ​Complete the International Member Application Form​​. 

  2. You will receive a letter confirming receipt of your application, along with a quote for your organization's annual dues.

  3. Your information will be processed internally and your membership will be confirmed once the application is finalized, the first year's dues are paid, and membership is formally approved at the next EEI Board of Directors Meeting.

  4. Upon confirmation of membership, your organization will be assigned a primary contact within EEI's International Programs, who will send a welcome letter with EEI member information.
If you require further information, please contact us​.