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​EEI's International Programs is your link to the fast-changing U.S. electric industry in a world that is increasingly interconnected. We provide personalized service geared toward your special needs as a global energy professional.
  • Awards  
    EEI's prestigious awards programs recognize the outstanding achievements of its member utilities in areas such as safety, energy efficiency, and customer service. For example, each year EEI awards one international member the industry's highest honor, the Edison Award, for distinguished leadership, innovation, and advancement of the electric industry.
  • Committees 
    EEI's committee system brings together member company representatives to influence national utility policies. Gain access to ongoing discussions on key issues shaping the U.S. electric utility industry. (To view a committee list, you will need your member ID and password.)
  • Industry Issues 
    EEI is the authoritative source for in-depth analysis of the U.S. electric industry. We offer a wide range of electronic and print publications on topics such as federal and state electricity deregulation, utility financial performance and business strategies, and best-practices in the wholesale energy market.
  • Meetings 
    EEI sponsors numerous conferences, meetings, and online seminars that provide members opportunities to network and hear from industry experts. For example, EEI's Annual Convention, as well as our domestic and international Financial Conferences, bring you together with utility representatives from around the globe and prominent leaders of business, finance, and government.
  • News
    EEI provides timely, relevant energy news resources, including energy news delivered daily to your inbox, updates on federal and state regulatory actions as they occur, and comprehensive weekly summaries of national events.​
  • Products and Services
    International Members receive many products free-of-charge, including EEI's Daily Energy News. Many resources on EEI's Web site are for members only. All other EEI products and services are substantially discounted for members. Also, our members benefit from the personalized service of EEI staff. Let us help you find what you need!
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