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The electric power industry has a strong track record of maintaining high levels of reliability. At times, however, hurricanes, earthquakes, storms, and other natural disasters occur that cause significant damage to the energy grid, creating widespread power outages. Following these events, electric companies must respond safely, swiftly, and efficiently to restore service to affected customers.

Restoring power after a major storm is a complex task, and a speedy restoration requires significant logistical expertise, along with skilled line workers and specialized equipment. Electric companies affected by significant outages often turn to the industry’s mutual assistance network—a voluntary partnership of electric companies from across the country—to help speed restoration.

Mutual assistance is an essential part of the electric power industry’s service restoration process and contingency planning. The mutual assistance network is a cornerstone of electric utility operations during emergencies.
  • Mutual Assistance 101
    Get an in-depth look at the Mutual Assistance Network and the industry's response and  restoration process.
  • EEI Mutual Assistance Agreement and Suggested Governing Principles Covering Emergency Assistance Arrangement Between EEI Member Companies
    Edison Electric Institute (“EEI”) member companies have established and implemented
    an effective system whereby member companies may receive and provide assistance in the form
    of personnel and equipment to aid in restoring and/or maintaining electric utility service when
    such service has been disrupted. 
  • Getting The Power Back On
    Learn about the power restoration process by browsing the multimedia gallery and viewing our power restoration graphic. See how electric companies now use drones​ to help assess damage after natural disasters.
  • Safety First
    Find out how to prepare for power outages and what to have in an Emergency Outage Kit.
  • Superstorm Sandy
    View the Superstorm Sandy multimedia gallery for a behind-the-scenes look at the industry's response to this historic storm.
  • Before and After the Storm
    Learn what companies are doing to implement system hardening and resiliency measures​ in response to storm-related outages. 

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