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Transmission Projects: At A Glance
Updated December 2016
The tenth annual publication of EEI’s Transmission Projects: At A Glance report showcases a cross-section of major transmission projects that EEI members completed in 2015 or have planned for the next four years, and highlights EEI members’ continuing focus on making needed transmission investments.
In looking at more than 150 transmission projects, the 2016 report finds that EEI members plan to invest at least $41 billion in transmission through 2019. These investments supply an array of benefits, including providing reliable electricity service to customers, relieving congestion, facilitating wholesale market competition, supporting a diverse and changing energy mix and mitigating damage and limiting customer outages during adverse conditions.
A brief profile of each participating EEI member company is included, along with the representative projects provided. Information for each project submitted includes a project map, brief description, intended benefits, current status, potential partners, and estimated cost.