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Industry Employment Testing

The EEI Employment Testing Consortium

EEI's Employment Testing Department provides member companies with validated employment tests that are among the most effective means of selecting qualified employees. EEI’s employment test batteries are validated specifically for job families within the utility industry and enable companies to make better selection decisions. This leads to a high-performance workforce and a pipeline of qualified employees who are able to progress to increasingly complex jobs.
When you join EEI’s Testing Consortium, you gain access to much more than the tests. Through the Consortium, EEI becomes your human resources partner on all issues related to employee selection, providing day-to-day consultation along with training, technical support, and legal assistance. Our customer service and support cannot be matched by any other test publisher today. In addition, through the Consortium you gain instant access to a network of industry peers facing the same HR challenges you’re facing, who can provide invaluable benchmarking and advice.