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Before You Dig, Always Dial 811

​April is National Safe Digging Month, and Edison Electric Institute and our members would like to remind you to always dial 811 before you begin a digging project.

Dialing 811 is a crucial step in reducing the risk of serious injury and service interruption. Whether it is you or a hired professional planning to dig, making the call to 811 at least two days in advance is highly encouraged in order to give your electric company adequate time to locate pipes or power lines.

Data collected by the Common Ground Alliance, a national association that promotes 811, estimates that there are more than 19 million miles of underground pipes and power lines buried beneath the surface of the earth. By dialing 811, the chance of causing damage is reduced to less than 1 percent.

After dialing 811, you will be directly connected to your state “One Call” call center to inform the operator of your planned digging location. This will then notify the local electric companies of the intent to dig, and a professional locater will arrive on site to appropriately mark locations of underground lines or pipes.

Please be sure to dial 811 before you begin your next digging project and always respect the lines and markings to avoid putting you and your community at risk.

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