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EEI, EPSA, NEI Letter to FERC Stresses Fuel Diversity

​The Edison Electric Institute joined the Electric Power Supply Association (EPSA) and the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) in sending a letter to acting FERC Chairman Cheryl LaFleur commending her and her fellow FERC commissioners for convening a technical conference in April to examine the lessons learned during the winter of 2013-2014.

The letter stresses how essential a diverse generation fuel mix was during the extreme cold weather and the importance of fuel flexibility to maintain system reliability.

An excerpt from the letter reads, “Our ability to maintain system reliability faces new challenges associated with the changing generation fuel mix. Reliability rests on a mix of baseload, mid-merit and peaking generation using a variety of fuels and technologies. FERC reforms of competitive wholesale power markets as to market design, tariff rules and grid operator practices are necessary to improve investment signals for existing and new generation resources as well as grid infrastructure consistent with maintaining this grid reliability.”

The letter also encourages the Commission to continue its efforts to address the issues highlighted by last winter’s extreme weather and also those that are not weather-specific.

Read the full letter here.