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Contract Regulations
A. All insertions at 3x or 6x rates must be covered by a contract for a period not to exceed 12 months. All insertions at higher frequency rates must be covered by a contract for a period not to exceed 24 months.

B. Multiple ads in a single issue are billed at the lowest collective space rate. Premium charges remain in effect.

C. Credits earned by increasing frequency during a 24-month period will only apply toward future billing for space.

D. An advertiser not completing a committed schedule will be subject to a short rate.

E. Fifteen percent of total gross charge (minus production cost pass-throughs) is discountable to recognized agencies. No cash discounts. Net 30 days.

F. Publisher reserves the right to hold the advertiser and/or its agency jointly and severally liable for such monies as are due and payable to publisher.

G. Advertiser and/or its agency agree to indemnify and hold harmless publisher from any suits or claims resulting from all content (including text, representation, illustration, or any sketch, map, label, trademark, or copyrighted matter) or its ad.

H. Publisher reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertising that in its opinion does not conform to standards of the publication. Publisher may add the word "advertisement" to any ad.

I. Publisher is not liable for the delay in delivery due to any condition beyond the control of the publisher affecting production or delivery in any manner.

J. Publisher's liability to advertiser (or to advertiser to agency, if agency is involved) for errors in or omissions of the advertising material submitted for insertion shall in no event exceed the amount of publisher's regular charges for insertion of the advertisement that was omitted or in which the error occurred in the issue or issues in which said advertisement was or was to have been published.