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AES Philippines, Tohoku Electric Power Win International Edison Award
​COLORADO SPRINGS (Tuesday, June 14, 2011) - AES Philippines and Tohoku Electric Power have been named the international recipients of the 84th Annual Edison Award, the electric utility industry’s most prestigious honor, for their distinguished leadership, innovation and contribution to the advancement of the electric industry.

AES Philippines, a subsidiary of the AES Corporation, was recognized for its successful turnaround of  the Masinloc Plant in the Zambales province, while Tohoku Electric Power was recognized for its conversion of the Sendai Thermal Power Station from an aging coal-fired to a combined- cycle generation facility.

“AES Philippines and Tohoku Electric Power both made significant contributions to our industry and to the customers they serve with these successful power plant projects,” EEI President Thomas R. Kuhn said. “Their efforts are a tribute to their dedication to excellence and strong corporate citizenship.”

The AES Corporation entered the Philippines in 2008 through its acquisition of the 660 MW Masinloc plant and became the largest foreign investor in the country’s power sector.   As a result of capital investment and operational improvements, AES Philippines increased Masinloc’s capacity from 450 MW to 630 MW, improved availability from 50 percent to 74 percent and increased net production by 62 percent within two years.  AES Philippines also improved the plant’s environmental performance, lowering emissions levels so that they are in compliance with World Bank standards.  In addition, the company reinforced its pro-active safety culture by providing extensive trainings for its people and introducing the Achievement of Excellence Award, which recognizes those nominated by their colleagues as having demonstrated outstanding safety performance. 
AES Philippines has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to the communities surrounding Masinloc, where it supports development programs in the areas of education, health, livelihood and environment.

With the Sendai Plant project, Tohoku Electric Power Company directed the first complete conversion of a Japanese power plant from coal-fired to combined-cycle generation.  The design of the new plant, which replaced the 50-year-old Sendai Thermal Power Station, reflects great concern for both its immediate surroundings – it is located within one of Japan’s most-visited natural parks – and broader, long-term environmental impacts.  By incorporating natural gas into its combined-cycle generation, the new Sendai Plant produces 50 percent less CO2 emissions than the retired coal-fired facility. Further CO2 reductions are expected once a planned 2000 kW solar generation system is added to the plant in 2012.

The plant sustained damage from the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan in March, and restoration is underway.
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