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Common Sense Net Metering Policies Benefit All Electricity Customers

Washington, DC (November 14, 2013) — Edison Electric Institute (EEI) President Tom Kuhn issued the following statement today on the decision by the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) to reform Arizona’s current net metering policies.

“Solar power is an important part of our nation’s energy mix, and the ACC’s actions today preserve the long-term future of rooftop solar in Arizona. Importantly, the commission recognized that current net metering policies unfairly shift costs from solar homes to non-solar homes and approved changes to begin reducing this growing cost shift.

“There are a number of state commissions currently reviewing outdated and unsustainable net metering policies. By adopting common sense reforms today, the ACC showed leadership in protecting electricity customers in Arizona, while also ensuring that solar has a bright future in the state and around the country.

“EEI and the electric power industry support the continued growth of solar. In fact, the industry leads in solar development with 1,781 megawatts installed in 2012 according to the Solar Energy Industries Association. In order for solar to grow and to meet customer service expectations, we need a safe, reliable, and robust electric grid. The ACC decision today recognizes that it’s only fair that everyone who uses the grid and benefits from its services should help pay to support it and keep it operating reliably at all times.”

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