USWAG SPCC Training Workshop

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USWAG Members: $50 (PDF; USWAG membership will be verified prior to receiving discount)
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Publication Date: January 2013

Item #411301 (PDF)

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has completed a series of rulemakings that began in 2002 to amend and update the SPCC regulations. Compliance with these amended rules was required by November 10, 2011. The Workshop materials are designed to support SPCC compliance planning and implementation.

Included are the workshop materials and related EPA guidance documents from this workshop, tailored to the utility industry, such as:

  • A detailed outline of the SPCC regulations, as well as related EPA guidance documents
  • Utility-specific SPCC hypotheticals that present compliance questions involving application of the SPCC regulations to real world utility events
  • SPCC Amendments
  • SPCC Plan Template
  • EPA SPCC Fact Sheets
  • SPCC Inspector Guidance

Funded by the Utility Solid Waste Activities Group, a separately-funded activity.