Glossary of Electric Industry Terms

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Publication Date: May 11, 2005

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This invaluable reference gives you practical definitions for terms commonly used throughout the electric power industry—plus the meanings of the latest terminology. The Glossary is a must for new staff members, company libraries and information centers, and anyone who needs to understand the terminology and acronyms currently in use.

The Glossary includes:

  • More than 1,000 terms relating to all aspects of the electric power industry (Wholesale Power, Transmission, Distribution, Market Power, Finance, Engineering, Environment, Deregulation, New Technologies, and New Rate Structures);
  • More than 200 new terms relating to current issues, such as Standard Market Design and Structure, Retail Choice, Open Access, Energy Service Provider, and Regional Transmission Organization;
  • A list of Acronyms and Abbreviations;
  • Summaries of recent federal legislation affecting the electric power industry; and,
  • Tables containing updated Approximate Heat Content for Various Fuels, Energy Equivalents Conversion Factors, and Conversion Factors for commonly used Electricity Units of Measure (e.g., megawatts and kilowatts).