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Edison Award
​The Edison Award is presented annually, usually to one U.S. and one international electric company, selected from EEI's membership. It is EEI's most prestigious award. 


The Edison Award honors “distinguished leadership, innovation and contribution to the advancement of the electric industry for the benefit of all.”


  • Any EEI member company, U.S. or international affiliate, may nominate itself or any other member.
  • DEADLINE EXTENSION: Nominations will be accepted through FEBRUARY 2 2018.
  • A maximum of two (2) nominations per company will be accepted.

Each entry must include the following:

  • Nomination Form 
    (Signed or approved by a CEO)
  • A description of the achievement (no more than 3 pages of text, plus up to two pages of supporting material such as charts, graphs, pictures).

Selection and Judging

A review committee comprised of editors from electric industry trade publications will select finalists from each membership category.

EEI will then invite these finalists to submit presentations that will be reviewed by a judging panel. The panel, consisting of former EEI chairman and other retired industry senior executives, will determine the winners.


The evaluation of nominees is based on leadership, innovation, advancement, and overall contribution to the electric power industry. The specific achievements for which a company is nominated should be substantially completed during the preceding calendar year.

These accomplishments may include (but need not be limited to) any or all of the following areas: engineering, construction, operations, communications, customer service, environment, finances, and strategy.

Award Presentation

The Edison Award is announced and presented at EEI's Annual Convention in June.

Edison Award Recipients


  • American Electric Power
    At a time when both the expectations of the industry and those of the public are changing, modernizing the electric grid has never been a greater challenge. AEP’s solution was the creation of the Breakthrough Overhead Line Design (BOLD), a new concept in transmission line design. The team had to push the envelope and develop a transformative improvement in the way energy is delivered. Their engineers succeeded in creating a high-capacity, high-efficiency, cost-effective solution with an appealing aesthetic form that reduces public impact. The resulting BOLD transformational line design delivers more capacity and higher efficiency than previously possible.
  • Edison International / Southern California Edison
    Southern California Edison, in collaboration with strategic partners, successfully built the world’s first battery and gas turbine hybrid system at two existing peaker sites. These Hybrid Enhanced Gas Turbines (or Hybrid EGTs) have achieved unprecedented levels of operational flexibility and are capable of responding instantaneously to electric system needs while simultaneously reducing operating costs and emissions of greenhouse gases and smog-forming pollutants.​
  • Tohoku Electric Power​ ​
    Tohoku Electric Power received the international award for the Shin-Sendai Thermal Power Station Replacement Project. The original power station was damaged by the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and the team at Tohoku was determined to make the new facility better than before. The project was completed ahead of schedule and resulted in numerous operational achievements including: reduced fuel costs and emissions; world leading thermal efficiency levels; and the development of countermeasures against future disasters. The team also took special pride in being a major factor in the redevelopment and revitalization of the local communities.


  • American Electric Power
    American Electric Power – for replacing the conductors on two 345 kV transmission lines while in an energized state.  AEP determined that an upgrade of the transmission system that supplies the Rio Grande Valley was needed, but due to numerous challenges, traditional solutions were not available options.  Using innovative technologies, AEP was able to reconductor all 240 miles of line using existing structure and right-of-way and upgrade five substations, completing the project ahead of schedule and under budget, guaranteeing reliable electricity in South Texas for years to come.
  • AES Corporation
    AES Corporation (International Category) - for deployment of the Advancion4 Energy Storage platform. Pioneering the first grid battery in service in 2008, AES has installed the world's largest fleet of advanced grid batteries. In 2015, the company introduced Advancion4, the next generation of battery based energy storage designed for scalability, accelerated growth and to provide the foundation for a clean, unbreakable grid.  The company operates 116 MW of battery energy storage, and installed a total of 30 MW of Advancion4 storage in three countries in 2015.