Customer Solutions

​EEI member companies are committed to serving their customers and providing an increasingly seamless experience for all types of customers when it comes to meeting their energy needs.  The EEI Customer Solutions teams focus on working with EEI member companies to enhance energy services and solutions for national corporate, military, and residential customers. The team also facilitates EEI member engagement in partnerships and strategic collaboration with national corporate and military customers on energy-related issues.

Key Focus Areas
National Corporate Customers

​Through EEI’s Corporate Customer Team and the National Key Accounts Program, electric companies engage and collaborate with their national corporate customers on their energy-related needs including energy resource mix, energy use and management, and electric transportation.

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Military Customers

​The U.S. military is the nation’s largest energy consumer.  EEI member companies across the United States actively engage in ongoing partnerships and strategic collaborations with the Department of Defense and all branches of the military to support military facility energy resiliency priorities, cyber and physical security, energy management, and other energy priorities that affect national security.

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Residential Customers

​To meet changing customer expectations, EEI member companies are reimagining the residential customer service model. By investing in advanced digital platforms and smart home energy management applications, and enabling more self-service functions, EEI member companies are creating a more seamless experience for their residential customers.

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Customer Solutions Highlights
  • National Key Accounts

    Representatives from Puget Sound Energy, Walmart, Daimler, and San Diego Gas & Electric discuss how customers should communicate their intent or interest to deploy electric fleets early on with their electric companies to effectively strategize on critical infrastructure and energy needs. Learn More​

  • Design Thinking: A Human-Centered Approach to Solving Customer Problems in the Energy World


    Electric Perspectives, January/February 2020

    In contrast to the widespread attention paid to the many ways in which new technologies are affecting the electric power industry, often overlooked are the associated major shifts in customer attitudes and expectations. The good news is that electric company CEOs and other leaders are focused on the need for a customer-centric strategy; the bad news is that it is difficult to learn how actually to become customer-centric. Enter design thinking, an approach to customer-first innovation with roots in technology companies such as Apple, IBM, Amazon, and Airbnb that now is common among service industries. Learn More​

  • 2019 Energy Exchange 

    EEI showcased DoD-EEI member company energy resiliency partnerships at DOE’s 2019 Energy Exchange, which was attended by more than 2,500 military and federal representatives. Learn More​

Electric Transportation Benefits Customers, Communities, and the Environment

Electricity is a domestically produced transportation fuel that will transform our nation’s transportation sector. Today, the technology and infrastructure exist to promote transportation applications that move both people and goods using electricity as a fuel. This new generation of electric transportation will help the nation enter an era of clean transportation and reduce its dependence on foreign oil. Diversifying the transportation sector’s fuel mix also will enhance U.S. energy and economic security.

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Smart Communities

Smart communities use data and technology to help drive efficiencies, improve sustainability, spur economic development, and enhance the quality of life for their citizens. While each community may have different reasons for wanting to be smart, all smart communities share common attributes—and they all are powered by smart connections and by smarter energy infrastructure.

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Institute for Electric Innovation

​The Edison Foundation Institute for Electric Innovation focuses on advancing the adoption and application of new technologies that will strengthen and transform the power grid. IEI's members are the investor-owned electric utilities that represent about 70 percent of the US electric power industry. The membership is committed to an affordable, reliable, secure, and clean energy future.

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