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National Key Accounts

EEI's National Key Accounts is a customer-oriented program where leading multi-site customers and electric utility account representatives collaborate to develop efficient energy management strategies that can be integrated into facilities nationwide.

With varying degrees of centralized decision making and facilities in many different utility service territories, commercial and industrial customers require a unique approach to their energy-related needs. By organizing a network of electric utilities, trade allies, and industry leaders, the EEI National Key Accounts program can provide customers with vital advice on today’s dynamic electricity markets and new, cutting-edge technologies.

EEI’s National Key Accounts program can help customers by: 

  • Communicating current public policies;
  • Providing industry statistics;
  • Presenting the newest technologies;
  • Fostering a link between customers and their energy industry contacts; and
  • Creating a forum for peer-to-peer idea and best practice sharing.

The program offers multiple resources and tools for customers to gain understanding of today’s energy marketplace, including workshops, communication outreach, and peer-mentoring. The semi-annual EEI National Key Accounts Workshop is the ideal venue for energy professionals looking to produce substantial energy and related savings opportunities in their facilities.

To learn how you can become involved with EEI’s National Key Accounts program, please e-mail Jacque Elliot. ​