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Advocacy Excellence

The Advocacy Excellence Award highlights EEI member companies' engagement and activism in public policy advocacy at federal, state, and local levels. This prestigious award recognizes companies that use the full range of advocacy tools, including: direct lobbying, grassroots or grass tops outreach and activation, coalition building, and voter and opinion leader education.

Read about Arizona Public Service's 2019 Advocacy Excellence Award winning program.

Nomination Instructions

  1. The nomination form must be approved or signed by the CEO.
  2. The submissions must include an executive summary not to exceed 500 words. Here is an example of a executive summary: Executive Summary.
  3. The submission must include a program description not to exceed 5 pages.  Here is an example of a program description: Program Description​.
    1. The program description should answer the following questions 
      1. What is the situation?
      2. What specifically did the company do to address this situation?
      3. What mediums were utilized as part of the advocacy plan?
      4. What was the stated goal, at the beginning, how did that change, and what ultimately occurred?
  4. Include additional supporting materials. All electronic and not to exceed 10 pages.
    1. These materials include, but are not limited to
      1. Newspaper articles/editorials/advertisements
      2. Facebook/twitter feeds
      3. Direct mail
      4. Sample call-to-action letters
      5. Radio/television advertisements/mentions
      6. Legislation passed or introduced
  5. The nomination form, executive summary, program description and supporting documents must be submitted electronically in PDF format by February 14, 2020.​

Selection and Judging

The advocacy excellence awards will be judged on how well each submission meets the following criteria.

  1. 10 points for campaign plan
  2. 10 points for execution
  3. 10 points for creativity/innovation
  4. 10 points for scope (did the campaign involve other departments?)
  5. 15 points for other (anything special or unique that separates this program from others)

Winners will be selected by an independent committee of public affairs professionals. 

To nominate your company programs, please send the completed nomination form​​ electronically or by mail  to: Edison Electric Institute, 701 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20004, ATTN: External Affairs.​​​​​​