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Destination 2050 Dialogue Series
Monday, October 25, 2021 - Friday, November 19, 2021
Edison Electric Institute
701 Pennsylvania Ave, NW Washington, DC 20004-2696 UNITED STATES
  • EEI International Programs is hosting a series of webinars around COP26, highlighting critical issues for the clean energy transition. Each conversation will bring together leaders from the electric power industry to share how companies are preparing for a net zero world. 

    All sessions are open to the public, and will include an opportunity for audience Q&A. Webinars will take place the week of October 25 and the week of November 15, directly preceding and following COP26. More details and registration information below.

    Series Overview:

    • Carbon-Free Technologies: The Foundation of a Clean Energy Future | REGISTER
    • Strengthening Climate Resilience: Preparing for and Responding to Natural Disasters | REGISTER
    • Managing Supply Chain Risk: Critical Resources for the Transition | REGISTER
    • Communicating and Leading Change: Lessons from Nature | REGISTER
    • A Clean Energy Economy: The Role of Climate Finance and the Customer | REGISTER
    • Meeting the Net Zero Challenge: From Policy to Action | REGISTER

  • Monday, October 25 at 11:00AM US ET

    Electric companies around the world have announced commitments to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing clean energy production. Current technologies can get us much of the way to a clean energy future, but research and innovation are also key to developing new technologies to ultimately get to a 100% clean grid. Achieving these goals will rely on a combination of existing and emerging technologies, including advanced wind and solar; long-duration storage; hydrogen; advanced nuclear; and carbon capture, utilization, and storage. During this session, electric companies will discuss their decarbonization strategies, focusing on technological innovation as well as opportunities for further research and investment to enable the clean energy transition. More speakers to be announced.

    Confirmed Speakers:

    • Dave Carroll, Chief Renewables Officer, ENGIE North America
    • Jason Comandante, VP of Commercial Services (Canada, West), Capital Power

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  • Tuesday, October 26 at 6:00PM US ET

    Electricity is critical for homes and businesses, and the resilience of the energy grid in the face of natural disasters has always been a top priority for electric companies. As extreme weather events grow stronger and more frequent, companies must continue to invest in resiliency through stronger and smarter infrastructure, including leveraging new digital technologies to better prepare for and respond to natural disasters. In this session, speakers will share lessons learned from past extreme weather events, how advanced technologies are making the grid more resilient, and how their companies are increasing climate resilience. More speakers to be announced.

    Confirmed Speakers:

    • Larry Bekkedahl, SVP Advanced Energy Delivery, PGE
    • Yoshiki Onoi, Executive VP and Head of Global Power Business Division, J-Power

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  • Wednesday, October 27 at 4:00PM US ET

    The clean energy transition will require resilient and geographically diversified, (i.e. global, regional, and local) supply chains to ensure countries and companies have the resources they need to meet their decarbonization goals while maintaining affordability, sustainability, and reliability. This includes not only the supply chains for technologies such as solar panels, batteries, sensors, and grid equipment, but also the supply of skilled workers who will be crucial to the transition. During this session, speakers will discuss important considerations for the energy supply chain, how their companies are managing potential bottlenecks in the system, and how the industry can ensure it has both the skilled workforce and the technology necessary to achieve net zero goals.

    Confirmed Speakers:

    • Tony Tomczak, Chief Procurement Officer and VP of Corporate Services, DTE Energy
    • Enrique Riveroll, VP of Customer Service, Maritime Electric
    • Alisdair Reid, Head of Engineering, Orion NZ

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  • Thursday, October 28 at 11:00AM US ET

    Communication, collaboration, and partnerships will be crucial to the clean energy transition – from global governments to individual businesses, teams, and citizens. As we address the climate challenge that is threatening our natural world, nature itself provides many lessons in effective communication and collaboration in the face of threats. During this session, biomimicry practitioners Michaela Emch and Silvia Mirandola will share lessons on how to become nature-connected leaders, build communities of nature-inspired citizens, and communicate with stakeholders to implement nature-based solutions to global challenges.

    Featured Guests:

    • Michaela Emch, communications specialist and author of From Nature’s Mouth: The Handbook for Bioinfused Human Communication
    • Silvia Mirandola, co-founder of Biomimicry for Business and author of Leadership Safari: Meet the Experts in the African Savanna

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  • Tuesday, November 16 at 11:00AM US ET

    Finance is a key pillar of the energy transition, with investments and access to capital affecting how quickly companies and countries can reduce emissions. What is the role of ESG and climate finance in driving net-zero progress? And how will the cost of the energy transition affect global economies, as well as customers? In this session, electric companies will discuss the financial instruments they are leveraging to meet their clean energy goals, potential gaps in investment, and how they are thinking about the role of the customer in a clean energy future. More speakers to be announced.

    Confirmed Speakers:

    • Lyla Garzouzi, Chief Safety Officer, Hydro One
    • Christine Martin, VP of Public Affairs and Sustainability, PPL

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  • Wednesday, November 17 at 12:00PM US ET

    Now that countries have re-affirmed their commitments to reducing carbon emissions, and many have made new pledges, how do we turn climate targets into climate action and go from pledges to reality? Electric companies from around the world will join this session to discuss their decarbonization strategies and how they fit into their national goals, including the progress the electric power industry has already made towards achieving net-zero. Participants will share the actionable steps their companies are taking to reduce emissions and look to the future to consider the role of regulators, policymakers, and other stakeholders in achieving the clean energy transition. More speakers to be announced.

    Confirmed Speakers:

    • Duncan Burt, Chief Sustainability Officer, National Grid
    • Madalena Callé Lucas, Senior Sustainability Advisor, EDP

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