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To join the EEI Associate Program, your organization must have an interest in advancing the development of the electric power industry, but cannot be engaged in generation, transmission, distribution, sale, or brokerage of electricity, or if so engaged, not regulated as an electric utility. Annual dues are based upon your firm's revenues, and begin at $4,000.
Associate members receive immediate benefits in the form of "Insight, Access, and Visibility."


  • EEI hosts several major conferences that attract large audiences, including: EEI's annual meeting in June which attracts CEOs and other senior executives; the EEI Financial Conference in November which draws CEOs, CFOs, and the financial community; and semi-annual events such as the Transmission, Distribution, Metering and Mutual Assistance Conference.
  • Members also can attend EEI's specialized meetings, drawing crowds ranging from dozens to hundreds of experts in marketing, planning, HR, IT, environmental issues, and much more. As an Associate Member, you also have ready access to EEI's staff of industry specialists who track and analyze current industry issues.
  • Interact with key industry executives at dozens of EEI Meetings and Conferences aimed at addressing the industry's most timely issues.


  • Increase your firm's visibility through your Associate membership. Your firm is listed prominently in our member directories and Web site, and is provided with special signage and badging at EEI events.
  • You also receive free advertising in our Web-based associate directory. The directory features a brief description of each associate member, its expertise and capabilities, major products and services, and contact information. All firms may be viewed by company name, or topically by type of business. When you become an EEI Associate member, you gain unparalleled visibility in the electric power industry.


  • As an Associate, you are provided with a wealth of thoughtful information on the changing industry, and on the firms and the people that make it up. This includes up-to-date directories, newsletters, and statistical reports that summarize the tremendous change going on in the industry: divestitures, reorganizations, mergers, and acquisitions. 
  • You also will receive the award-winning Electric Perspectives magazine (devoted to industry management and trends), as well as valuable industry information, including electronic information and daily news abstracts available through EEI's electronic subscriptions.
  • View a complete list of publications.​

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