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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the Edison Electric Institute (EEI)?
    EEI is the association that represents all U.S. investor-owned electric companies, as well as 70 International electric companies and more than 270 associate members. EEI provides public policy leadership, strategic business intelligence, and essential conferences and forums. Learn more about us.
  • How do I join EEI as an Associate Member?
    To join the EEI Associate Program, your organization must have an interest in advancing the development of the electric power industry, but cannot be engaged in generation, transmission, distribution, sale, or brokerage of electricity. Annual dues are based upon your firm's revenues, and begin at $4,000. The membership application can be found here.
  • How soon after I submit my application does the membership start?
    While the membership is officially approved by the EEI Board of Directors at their quarterly meeting, we can activate the membership and benefits within two days of receiving the application.
  • What benefits do I receive as an Associate member?
    Associate members receive immediate, tangible benefits in the form of Insight, Access, and Visibility. Click here for a summary of benefits.
  • How do I log in to the EEI website?
    While some information is available on the public side of the website, additional information can be found on the member side. Click on the “Login” button in the upper right corner of most web pages. Enter your username (your business email address) and password and click “Submit.” If you have forgotten your password, or need to reset it, click on the “Reset Password” link.
  • If I don’t have a Login ID for the website, can I access the EEI website?
    Click on the “Login” button near the top right of the web page, and use the link: “create an account”. On the account creation form, type and then select your firm from the “Company Name” field. Please complete all appropriate information fields. If you have any difficulties with this firm, please email
    Please note: if your email is not being accepted by the system, it is possible you already have an account and you may want to try to reset your password before creating a fresh account.
  • Can anyone from my company access your website if we are not a member? Is there a limit to the number of people who can have access to your website?
    Any number of contacts may have a web account with EEI and may access information or register for a meeting.
  • How can I update the information on my firm contained in the online Associate Directory?
    Please submit your directory information and logo to
  • How can I become an EEI sponsor or exhibitor?
    Please view here for a list of our meetings that include sponsorship and exhibit opportunities.
  • How can I advertise in the EEI Electric Perspectives magazine?
    Please view advertising information here.
  • Is any portion of the Associate member dues used for EEI Lobbying expenses?
    No portion of Associate dues is used for lobbying.
  • Are conference registration fees included in the membership?
    No. Conference registration fees are a separate expense for all Utility, Affiliate, and Associate members. Many meetings offer a significant discount to Associate Members, or they are not open to the public, but only to EEI members.
  • When does my membership expire?
    The dues cover your membership for a one-year period, starting in the month you joined EEI. The membership may be renewed each ensuing year in that month.