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Meetings Open to Associate Members
For a list of currently scheduled meetings, please see Upcoming Events.

Annual Meetings of Interest to Associate Members

  • EEI 2020 Annual Meeting (Sponsorship Opportunities)
  • Technology Advisory Committee Meeting (Sponsorship Opportunities)

Customer Solutions

  • National Key Accounts Workshop (Exhibit Opportunities)
  • Business Diversity Conference (Sponsorship Opportunities)

Security and Preparedness, Engineering and Environment

  • Transmission, Distribution, Metering & Mutual Assistance Conference (Exhibit and Sponsorship Opportunities)
  • EEI Supply Chain Security Conference
  • Transmission and Wholesale Markets School
  • Avian Protection Workshops
  • USWAG Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR) Workshop (Affiliate Program)
  • USWAG SPCC Workshop (Affiliate Program)

Finance, Regulation and Management

  • EEI Financial Conference (Sponsorship Opportunities)
  • EEI Wall Street Briefing
  • EEI/AGA Accounting Conference (Sponsorship Opportunities)
  • EEI/AGA Property Accounting and Depreciation Training Seminar
  • EEI/AGA Accounting Leadership Conference
  • EEI/AGA Chief Audit Executives Conference
  • EEI/AGA Introduction to Public Utility Accounting Training Course
  • EEI/AGA Advanced Public Utility Accounting Training ​Course
  • EEI/AGA Utility Internal Auditors Training Course
  • EEI/AGA Taxation Committee Meeting

Corporate Strategy and Legal Affairs

  • Strategic Issues Roundtable (Sponsorship Opportunities)
  • Legal Conference (Sponsorship Opportunities)

Human Resource Management

  • EEI/AGA Labor & Employee Relations Conference
  • Occupational Safety and Health Committee Conference (Exhibit and Sponsorship Opportunities)