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Thought Leadership

EEI International Programs showcases electric power sector leadership across the globe through EEI’s Electric Perspectives magazine, as well as video webcasts, podcasts, and webinars featuring senior industry executives and international energy experts.

Global Perspectives
November 2018
EEI International Insights:  Electric Company Investments in Smarter Energy Infrastructure

​Smarter energy infrastructure is the key to delivering the energy future that customers want by enabling electric companies to collect, analyze, and share energy data, as well as monitor and remotely control grid-connected devices and equipment. Together, these new “smart” capabilities are enabling the energy grid to be managed more reliably, safely, and efficiently than ever before. 

December 2019
International Energy Storage Trends and Key Issues

​This factsheet presents global trends in grid-scale energy storage and highlights storage projects from EEI members across the world.​

June 2018
International Programs Survey on Vehicle Electrification

​This survey of EEI International member companies assesses the status of electric vehicle deployment around the world in key jurisdictions and industry viewpoints on deployment-related issues. Responses were collected from 34 companies across five continents.


of companies surveyed are engaged in activities to promote or encourage electric vehicle adoption


​of electric companies surveyed have a target or goal for converting a portion of their vehicle fleet to electric vehicles


​of electric companies surveyed have a target or goal for installing electric vehicle supply equipment (e.g., charging stations) for fleet use

August 2019
Interview with William Liabunya – CEO of Electricity Generation Company (Malawi) Ltd.
​In this interview, William Liabunya describes the excitement of establishing a new electric company, and the importance of partnerships for invesment to support Malawi's growing electric power industry.
July 2019
Interview with Karen Hutt – President and CEO of Nova Scotia Power
​Karen Hutt describes the future of the electric power industry as being customer-driven and customer-defined, and explains how teamwork and communication are the keys to success at Nova Scotia Power.
May 2019
Interview with Basil Scarsella – CEO and Director of UK Power Networks
EEI interviews Basil Scarsella to hear his vision for the future of the electric power industry, including the effects of decarbonization and transportation electrification.
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April 2020
A Conversation on the Contributions of African Americans in Science, Engineering and Technology
Lawrence Jones, EEI Vice President for International Programs, chats with Johari Rashad (National Museum of African American History and Culture), Kimberly L. Jones (Howard University), and Abai Schulze (ZAAF) about their professional journeys.
January 2020
Interview with Michael Yackira on Executive Leadership
In this audio interview, former CEO of NV Energy Michael Yackira reflects on his career and shares lessons for leadership in the electric power industry.
November 2019
Interview with Ted Craver on Executive Leadership
In this audio interview, former Chairman, President, and CEO of Edison International Ted Craver shares his reflections on executive leadership and the keys to success in an at times turbulent electric power industry.

“When you incorporate machine learning into your processes, you need to change your entire company so that it moves at the speed of machine learning.”

Duncan Stewart, Director of Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) Research for Deloitte Canada
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Past Webinars
June 2020
Brand Storytelling: Building Authentic Stakeholder Relationships in Turbulent Times
Fridrik Larsen outlined how companies can avoid tone-deafness by adapting their storytelling to address the diverse needs of multiple stakeholders, while also considering the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.
May 2020
Power After Carbon: Building a Clean, Resilient Grid
Peter Fox-Penner shared insights from his latest book, Power After Carbon, where he discusses the importance of large power systems, battery storage, scalable carbon-free technologies, as well as the grids and markets that will integrate them.
May 2020
Industry Perspectives: A Conversation with EEI Global Ambassadors
In recognition of the fifth anniversary of the EEI Global Ambassador Program, this webinar featured a discussion among EEI's current ambassadors for an exploration of the challenges and opportunities faced by our industry in 2020 and beyond.
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