Rocky Mountain Power Partners with Uber and Lyft
February 2018

​In January, Rocky Mountain Power, along with Summit County and Salt Lake City, joined Utah Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox to celebrate the installation of new electric vehicle fast-charging stations in Kimball Junction. The installation is part of the Live Electric campaign to improve air quality between Salt Lake City and Park City.

“The goal of the Live Electric campaign is to incentivize the move toward electric vehicles, and the installation of these charging stations is one way of doing that,” said Cindy Crane, president and CEO of Rocky Mountain Power. “We’re working hard to put in place the policies and infrastructure needed to support 50,000 more electric cars on Utah roads in the next 10 years. Doing so will drastically improve our air quality — and, ultimately, our quality of life.”

The opening of the new fast-charging stations coincides with the launch of Rocky Mountain Power’s innovative clean ride-sharing program, designed to encourage electric vehicle adoption by Uber and Lyft drivers. The program ensures public access to fast-charging stations between Salt Lake City and Park City. Drivers now will be able to recharge their vehicles in just minutes while waiting for riders.

"Uber seeks to build a more sustainable future of mobility by moving more people with more efficient vehicles and trips,” said Craig Hulse, Public Affairs Manager for Uber Utah. “Uber can offer new, market-driven tools to help advance EV adoption, and we are excited about bringing these benefits to drivers, riders and cities. With Forth Mobility and Rocky Mountain Power making this investment in fast charging stations available to Uber EV drivers, clean transportation options will be more available than ever."

More than 700 stations will be installed over the next three years. Most of the stations will be installed in Utah and will provide the infrastructure needed to encourage drivers to make the switch to more sustainable electric vehicle options, while still allowing them to travel freely.

“Summit County is excited to partner with Rocky Mountain Power for the common goal of improving Utah’s air quality,” said Kim Carson, Summit County Council Chair. “These chargers are critical to increasing the use of electric vehicles by the county, by ride-sharing programs, and for public transportation in the Salt Lake and Summit County areas, and we’re excited for the benefits they will offer.”

This is another example of energy companies’ commitment to investing in electrification and EV infrastructure.