MidAmerican Announces ‘Plant Some Shade’ Program
April 2018

​MidAmerican Energy’s Iowa customers and their communities now can plant more trees through the company’s program that promotes tree planting across its service territory.

The ‘Plant Some Shade’ Program allows MidAmerican’s residential customers to purchase up to two trees for less than half price. The trees, which include deciduous trees, low-growing ornamental shade trees, and conifers are available for $30 each on a first-come, first-served basis through the program.

Deciduous trees, which lose their leaves in the fall, provide shade in the summer and can cut annual air conditioning demands up to 56 percent and heating costs up to three percent, according to USDA Forest Service research. Low-growing ornamental shade trees and conifers, commonly called evergreens, often are used for windbreaks and can protect homes from winter winds.

“We encourage our customers to plant trees around their homes to promote energy efficiency and environmental stewardship,” Tina Yoder, MidAmerican Energy director of energy efficiency, said. “Trees help protect homes from the elements year-round, which helps our customers save energy and money.”

Administered by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and implemented by local partners throughout the state, MidAmerican Energy partners with each to promote the program and to organize tree pick-up events around the state beginning in April.

“The Plant Some Shade program is an excellent opportunity for homeowners to purchase high-quality trees at a low price,” Evan Miller, DNR partnership coordinator, said. “Spring is a great time to plant new trees. Warm spring days and cool nights are perfect for tree establishment and root growth.”

This is another example of electric companies serving their communities and customers with an environmentally friendly and cost-saving program.