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National Lineworker Appreciation Day
July 2018

Today is National Lineworker Appreciation Day. National Lineworker Appreciation Day honors the life and work of Henry Miller, the first president of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), as well as the nation’s 74,000+ electrical lineworkers who often place themselves in harm’s way to serve their communities.

Lineworkers face challenging situations on a daily basis that require technical expertise and intense focus. Additionally, power outages caused by storms and other natural events often place lineworkers to in more dangerous work conditions.

“It takes hundreds of thousands of dedicated, hard-working people to maintain the energy grid in the United States, and our nation’s lineworkers are on the frontlines,” said EEI President Tom Kuhn. “Every day, lineworkers are installing new technologies to modernize the energy grid, and they are among the first responders when storms and natural disasters strike our communities.”

Please be sure to #ThankALineworker today for their continued efforts to keep the grid maintained and working efficiently.

Here are some highlights that demonstrate how lineworkers go above and beyond everyday:

Saluting Service: EEI Honors Puerto Rico Power Restoration Workers
EEI’s Annual Convention saw many memorable moments, but none more so than the tribute to the men and women involved in the industry’s effort to restore power to the people of Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria. Nearly 3,000 lineworkers and support personnel from EEI member companies across the country spent weeks away from their homes and families to work long days, nights, and holidays to support their fellow citizens. Nearly 200 personnel who worked in Puerto Rico participated in the Convention’s Opening General Session and received a standing ovation from attendees following a video that highlighted the challenges they faced and the courage, ingenuity, and determination with which they overcame those obstacles.

FirstEnergy Uses Drones to Inspect Protected Bird Nests

Drone inspections are becoming a part of everyday operations for America’s electric companies. Recently, FirstEnergy has been using its drones to survey locations where protected birds have started nesting without disrupting them with lineworker inspections. By using a drone, each nest inspection is completed within 15 minutes. If the drone observes a nest without eggs on a pole, a lineworker in a bucket truck will remove the nest.

Duke Energy Lineworkers Assist Beyond Hurricane Irma
Duke Energy line technician apprentice Shawn Tillis remained engaged in his Florida community well after Hurricane Irma hit the state in early September 2017. When Tillis thinks about Hurricane Irma, he remembers Mary Schwartz, a woman in her 90s whose home had lost power during the storm. Mary, who is confined to an electrical bed, trapped her foot and was unable to get out of the bed for more than a day. Her husband, Larry, flagged down a group of lineworkers who were restoring power near his neighborhood and asked them for help. Tillis and the lineworkers were able to free Mary’s foot and restore power to their home.