CenterPoint Energy: Excellence in Women’s Development
September 2018

​Each year, our nation’s energy companies work to demonstrate their commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workforce. This year, CenterPoint Energy was recognized by MEA Energy Association and Energetic Women with the Excellence in Women’s Development Award for its active efforts in achieving diversity and inclusion success.

The Excellence in Women’s Development Award recognizes an energy company in the industry that valiantly champions diversity and inclusion efforts via resources and active talent management that support women in non-traditional roles, including engineering and operations.

CenterPoint Energy’s focus on workforce diversity and respect is reflected in its Women in Leadership (WIL) Advisory Council. The Council was established in 2011 to increase female leadership development within all organizational areas of CenterPoint Energy, including operations and engineering.

"The WIL Council has created a safe space for diversity conversations," says Beverley Melchisedech, vice president of Operations Support at CenterPoint Energy and a member of the Council. “What started as a Council for directors and above has evolved to include managers, with the next phase planned to include supervisors. Our goal is to share as much information as we can to support our future leaders.”

CenterPoint Energy President and CEO Scott Prochazka recently congratulated CenterPoint Energy’s Women in Leadership Advisory Council on its continued efforts to foster a culture of respect and diversity within their company and the industry. Melchisedech and Vice President of Technology Operations Shachella James accepted the award on behalf of CenterPoint Energy.

This is a terrific example of how energy companies continue to offer programs and opportunities in a commitment to diversity and to bringing female leaders and employees together to discuss, network, and build relationships and inclusion.