Consumers Energy Teams Up with WMU
October 2018

​In September, Consumers Energy announced that a new technology would be coming to the campus of Western Michigan University (WMU). Consumers Energy employees and WMU president Ed Montgomery joined local legislators and county commissioners at a ribbon-cutting ceremony to reveal The Parkview Battery Project on WMU’s campus. The Parkview Battery Project, which consists of a 1-megawatt (MW) battery, has the ability to output the same amount of electricity used by approximately 1,000 residential electric customers in one hour.

 “Advances in battery storage technology have now reached the scale that they power entire communities on demand,” said Tim Sparks, Consumers Energy’s vice president of electric grid integration. “Our Clean Energy Plan calls for more solar and wind electric generation facilities that will depend on battery storage to be dependable sources of energy for our customers for when the wind isn’t blowing or the sun shining. The Parkview Battery Project begins the next groundbreaking chapter in the story about how clean and reliable energy reaches Consumers Energy customers.”

The Parkview battery site was selected by Consumers Energy and Michigan State University (MSU) consultants, who conducted a statewide search. Over the course of the next year, Consumers Energy and MSU will study data generated at the new battery facility to improve the potential for battery storage use around the state. WMU engineering students also will have opportunities to participate in partnerships with Consumers Energy on electric battery research and operations.

“The foundation of all we do at Consumers Energy focuses on our Triple Bottom Line: people, the planet, and Michigan’s prosperity,” Sparks said. “We are excited to launch this project and see how it will provide future benefits for our customers as we continue to develop responsible and environmentally friendly electric generation and storage facilities.”

This is another example of how electric companies partner with their customers to deliver a cleaner energy future.