Edison International & SCE Fund Electric Buses
January 2019


​Edison International and Southern California Edison (SCE) are doing their part to help the communities they serve by providing several local school districts and their students with funding for the roll out of electric school buses.
These new buses are all-electric and run on batteries. Not only are they free of emissions, they also are much quieter. On a typical school day, the standard school buses travel nearly 100 miles, taking students to-and-from school, as well as on field trips. These new, electric buses can drive up to 120 miles on a single charge.
“I like the electric buses because they are better for us than the old buses,” said Beech Elementary student Victoria Garnica, 10. “I think they are important for us to have because they will help our environment and reduce air pollution.”
Fontana Unified is one of 11 school districts in SCE’s service territory that was selected by the South Coast Air Quality Management District and the California Air Resources Board to receive funding for the electric buses. The schools were provided with technical assistance and guidance to support the rollout of the buses and the installation of charging stations by CALSTART, a nonprofit dedicated to advancing the clean transportation industry.
 “We believe it is important to provide our California schoolchildren with the cleanest buses possible, as soon as possible,” said Kevin Leong, program manager at CALSTART.
Edison International, parent company of SCE, provided a $75,000 grant to CALSTART for the program. The grant was instrumental for the installation of the charging infrastructure at the schools’ transit yard sites. As part of the grant, CALSTART also helped and supported the school districts by developing a tool kit that made it easier to begin using the buses, while SCE provided the schools with account management services and technical assistance on determining the location and placement of the charging stations, as well as connecting them to the energy grid.
 “At Edison International and SCE, we are committed to helping the communities we serve,” said Lisa Woon, SCE’s principal manager of corporate philanthropy. “Transportation contributes to nearly 40 percent of California’s greenhouse gas emissions and almost 80 percent of its air pollution. So, it’s important for us to support programs, such as CALSTART’s.”
In total, 33 electric, zero-emission school buses were purchased, and charging infrastructure was built for 16 public school districts and two charter schools in Southern California.
An original version of this story can be found on Edison International’s Energized site.