Entergy Partners with Arbor Day Foundation to Plant Trees
February 2019

​Entergy Corporation and the Arbor Day Foundation are partnering with customers to plant trees throughout the energy company’s service territory, which covers Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas.

Entergy has supported many tree-planting programs through shareholder funding and employee volunteering over the years. Tree planting has many positive impacts on the environment and helps restore wetlands, as well as other natural areas.

Through a tree giveaway program with the Arbor Day Foundation, Entergy customers are encouraged to sign up to receive a free tree to help improve their community. By planting trees in the right location, homeowners can shade their homes and save money on their monthly energy bills. Planting the right types of trees also helps communities improve energy efficiency and provides protection from damaging wind gusts. The trees also provide cleaner air, water, and carbon benefits.

Upon hearing about the program piloted last fall, Entergy customers were quick to request their trees. In the first six days of the program, 81 percent of the trees were reserved. In total, Entergy distributed 700 trees to customers across its four-state service territory.

The planted trees will provide customers with a combined energy savings of 1.5 million kilowatt-hours of electricity, which is enough to power 145 homes*. The trees also will filter 13 million gallons of storm water runoff and will capture 3.3 million pounds of carbon.

Entergy and the Arbor Day Foundation are partnering on another tree giveaway this spring. The ongoing partnership is one of the many ways that our nation’s electric companies show their commitment to clean energy and to helping the communities and customers they serve.

*Based on the national U.S. average of residential electricity usage in the 2018 EEI Statistical Yearbook.