​Ameren Missouri Announces New Infrastructure Plan
March 2019

Ameren Missouri recently announced the largest infrastructure upgrade plan in the company's history. 

Over the next five years, the Smart Energy Plan will include more than 2,000 electric projects that will modernize the energy grid and enhance how customers receive and use electricity for generations to come. These updates will help keep prices stable, predictable, and affordable for Ameren Missouri’s customers.

"Building a smart grid for the future of energy in Missouri is foundational to our mission to power the quality of life for our customers and the communities we serve for generations to come," said Michael Moehn, President of Ameren Missouri. "We have developed a forward-thinking and customer-focused infrastructure upgrade plan that will not only produce a grid that is more reliable and resilient, but also be able to accommodate more renewable energy.”

Last June, the Missouri General Assembly passed Senate Bill 564, which updated the state’s energy policies and allowed for significant investments in smarter energy infrastructure. That legislation was widely supported by customers, business organizations, unions, and a bipartisan majority of the Missouri General Assembly.

On February 14, Ameren Missouri filed its plan to transform the state’s energy grid to benefit its customers. The PSC filing, including a five-year capital investment overview and detailed one-year plan for 2019, sets forth the projects Ameren Missouri plans to implement to modernize energy grid infrastructure in Missouri to benefit its customers and to offer them more tools to manage their energy usage. 

Upgrades in reliability, resilience, and service throughout the energy company's 24,000-square-mile service territory are the foundation of the plan. 

"Our customer-focused plan supports Ameren Missouri's vision to lead the way to a secure energy future, making our state an even better place to live and do business," said Moehn.

This is one of many ways America’s electric companies remain committed to investing in smarter energy infrastructure and to bring benefits to the customers they serve.


More information about Ameren’s Smart Energy Plan can be found on the company’s website www.ameren.com​