​EEI & Our Members Celebrate Earth Day 2019
April 2019
Electric Companies Are Leading the Clean Energy Transformation

Each day, EEI’s member companies—the nation’s investor-owned electric companies—are hard at work, providing the reliable, affordable, secure, and increasingly clean energy that our customers need and expect. At the same time, they are leading a profound transformation of America’s energy that is delivering a smart, connected, and clean energy future. 

This Earth Day, we celebrate the many ways that our members are leading this transformation. Electric companies are transitioning to cleaner energy resources and reducing their carbon emissions; modernizing the energy grid and building smarter energy infrastructure; and delivering innovative energy solutions in a rapidly changing world. 

Read on for key information about how America’s electric companies lead on clean energy and learn more in this Electric Perspectives article​ by Brian Wolff, EEI executive vice president of public policy and external affairs.

Numbers to Know

Electric Companies’ Clean Energy Leadership in Perspective

​EEI’s member companies have led a dramatic change in our nation’s energy mix over the past decade, making significant strides in carbon reduction, deployment of renewable energy resources, and more. Among large industrial sectors, we are far and away out ahead as we work to deliver—and to lead— America’s energy future. Here are some key facts to know about this extraordinary transformation:
  1. Electric companies invest more than $100 billion each year to make the energy grid stronger, smarter, cleaner, more dynamic, and more secure; to diversify the nation’s energy mix; and to integrate new technologies that benefit customers.
  2. Today, more than one-third of our electricity comes from carbon-free sources (including nuclear energy and hydropower and other renewables), and another one-third comes from natural gas.
  3. Electric companies provide 69 percent of the nation’s solar energy. Since 2005, the percentage of renewable sources in the U.S. energy mix has quadrupled—over the past 5 years, more than half of new electricity generation capacity was wind and solar.
  4. The electric power industry is reducing emissions significantly. As of year-end 2018, the electric power industry’s carbon dioxide emissions were 27 percent below 2005 levels—nearly the lowest level in three decades. The industry also has decreased emissions of nitrogen oxides by 84 percent and sulfur dioxide by 92 percent—all while electricity use grew by 39 percent (1990-2018).

Find more key facts in this factsheet from the Institute for Electric Innovation. Discover more key facts in EEI’s Earth Day infographic and learn more about how a diverse energy mix is critical to keeping energy reliable and affordable in EEI’s factsheet​.