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PPL Launches New Diversity & Inclusion Initiative
June 2019
The electric power industry is leading a profound transformation in the way that energy is generated, delivered, and used. The industry also is working to build the next-generation energy workforce—one with diverse, highly skilled, and qualified employees capable of delivering on the responsibility to meet customers’ evolving energy needs.

At PPL Corporation, diversity is so much more than just a word—it is one of the company’s core values. The multiple perspectives that employees and suppliers of all races, backgrounds, and life experiences add to the organization are immeasurable. PPL believes that these multiple perspectives foster innovation, productivity, and mutual respect, and that they lead to better company performance. 

As an expression of this commitment, PPL launched the “We Are Together” effort. PPL employees demonstrate that diversity is more than skin deep—that everyone has unique circumstances, characteristics, and experiences, and that when people seek to understand these qualities, it leads to meaningful relationships, greater understanding, and, ultimately, a more inclusive, respectful workplace. Learn more about “We Are Together” and watch PPL’s video on its website​. Find more about the electric power industry’s diversity and inclusion initiatives on EEI’s website.