Ohio Edison Electrician Completes Boston Marathon
August 2019
In April, Ohio Edison Substation Electrician Micah Herndon made national news after crawling to the finish line at the 2019 Boston Marathon.

For Herndon, a Marine Corps veteran, the Boston Marathon was more than just running a race. He was running in memory of three fallen military comrades and friends with whom he had served during a tour in Afghanistan.

As he was nearing the end of the race, Herndon’s legs gave out, but that was not enough to stop him from finishing. He crawled to the finish line and completed the marathon to honor his fallen friends for their service and sacrifice.

“I feel like if I am not running, then I am doing something wrong with my life,” said Herndon in an interview with the Ohio-based Record-Courier. “If I get a heat cramp while running or my feet hurt or I am getting exhausted, I just keep saying their names out loud to myself. They went through much worse, so I run for them and their families.”

Herndon began running to help him cope with post-traumatic stress disorder after tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. Prior to qualifying for the Boston Marathon, he completed several half marathons and three full marathons.

In June, Herndon presented the FirstEnergy Coach of the Year award to Rootstown, Ohio, head wrestling coach Craig Wise at the Record-Courier Best of Preps ceremony, where he praised the parents of student athletes for their daily sacrifices to accommodate their children.​​