EEI Celebrates National Drive Electric Week
September 2019
This week, EEI is celebrating National Drive Electric Week​, which highlights the environmental, economic, and customer benefits of electric transportation.

Domestically produced electricity is transforming our nation’s transportation sector. Across the country, EEI member companies are partnering with communities and stakeholders to support the growth of EVs while continuing to build EV charging infrastructure.

EVs help reduce carbon dioxide emissions and improve local air quality. EVs also benefit customers by lowering maintenance fees and creating stable electricity prices. For example, domestically produced electricity can, on average, power plug-in EVs at the equivalent of $1.21 per gallon of gas. This provides customers with an affordable fuel alternative that is clean, safe, and reliable.

Today, there are more than 1.27 million EVs on U.S. roads, and it is projected that U.S. EV sales will exceed 3.5 million per year by 2030. The U.S. will need nearly 9.6 million charging stations to meet this demand, which is why EEI’s member companies are investing more than $1 billion in customer programs and projects to deploy charging infrastructure and to accelerate electric transportation. These investments are key to enabling innovative customer solutions, including smart, sustainable transportation.

The energy grid is ready for electric transportation, and customers have a great opportunity to learn about the new and affordable EV options available today. 

Be on the lookout this week for EV stories from EEI member companies, automakers, charging network providers, and environmental groups, or visit EEI’s Electric Transportation webpage. You also can learn more about National Drive Electric Week by visiting or following #NDEW2019