​Kentucky Habitat for Humanity Partnership with LG&E KU
January 2020
Kentucky Habitat for Humanity (KYHFH) and Louisville Gas and Electric and Kentucky Utilities Company are combining efforts on an innovative partnership using locally grown renewable energy to benefit the organization’s clients. The recently created KYHFH partnership will provide 10 eligible low-income families across Kentucky with subscriptions to the utilities’ Solar Share program, offsetting a portion of each family’s utility bill for 25 years. 

To make the program possible, KYHFH subscribed to 180 shares in LG&E and KU’s Solar Share Program. The utilities’ new gifting option, approved by the Kentucky Public Service Commission in 2019, enables program subscribers to transfer monthly solar share credits to another recipient. 

In this case, solar share credits will be transferred to the families, selected collaboratively by KYHFH and Habitat affiliates across the state, with a goal to help offset as much as 30 percent of the families’ monthly energy usage. 

In addition to providing much needed aid to the families to help offset their monthly energy bill, the shares subscribed in this program bring LG&E and KU’s second 500-kilowatt section of its Solar Share facility to full subscription, clearing the way to construct the next 1,400-panel array at the utilities’ Solar Share site in Simpsonville, Ken. in 2020.

“The partnership between KYHFH and LG&E and KU reflects a shared commitment to our environment, renewable energy and creative strategies to ensure low-income families have a decent and affordable place to call home,” said KYHFH Executive Director Mary Shearer.

“Creating community partnerships and new resources to assist our most vulnerable customers is a key focus for our company, which is what made this partnership such a great fit,” said Beth McFarland, former LG&E and KU vice president-Customer Services. “We’re now giving Solar Share participants the option to "gift" their solar energy credits to another person, business or nonprofit organization. It’s our hope generous customers across our community will consider this option as they look to make impactful contributions to Habitat and other non-profits across our service territories.”

Habitat for Humanity of Metro Louisville identified the first homeowner, Amber Mullins, and will continue partnering with KYHFH to identify additional participants. 

“Growing the use of renewable energy while simultaneously lowering utility costs for low-income homeowners is a great achievement,” said Rob Locke, CEO of Habitat for Humanity of Metro Louisville. “This gift will empower Amber and her family to use the power of home to build strength, stability and self-reliance,” Locke added.

In addition to KYHFH’s investment, Carbide Industries already stepped forward as the first company to support KYHFH’s participation in the Solar Share Program. Carbide’s donation will allow KYHFH to increase the number of shares subscribed and extend assistance to additional low-income families through this innovative partnership. 

Learn more about LG&E and KU’s Solar Share Program and its gifting option here​.​