EEI Celebrates Earth Day 2020
April 2020

Each day, EEI’s member companies—the nation’s investor-owned electric companies—are hard at work, delivering the reliable and affordable energy that customers need and deserve. At the same time, they are leading a profound transformation of America’s energy as they work to give customers an energy future that is cleaner, smarter, stronger, and more secure than any they have known before. 

Fifty years ago today, the first Earth Day was celebrated. While it is difficult to celebrate Earth Day this year knowing that families, homes, and businesses across the country are still being profoundly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, it is important to recognize the work that EEI’s member companies are doing to achieve their vision for clean energy and a cleaner economy. 

Leading on Clean Energy

EEI’s member companies have led a dramatic change in our nation’s energy mix over the past decade, making significant strides in carbon reduction, deployment of renewable energy resources, and more. They are united in their commitment to get the energy they provide as clean as they can, as fast as they can, while keeping reliability and affordability front and center as always. They also are promoting the key role that electrification can play in helping reduce emissions from other sectors, particularly the transportation and industrial sectors. 

Here are 5 key facts to know about the clean energy transformation:

  1. ​Electric companies invest more than $110 billion each year to make the energy grid stronger, smarter, cleaner, more dynamic, and more secure; to diversify the nation’s energy mix; and to integrate new technologies that benefit customers.
  2. Today, almost 40 percent of our electricity comes from carbon-free sources (including nuclear energy, hydropower, wind, and solar energy).
  3. Over the past eight years, more than half of new electricity generation was wind and solar. Electric companies provide virtually all of the wind and 67 percent of the solar energy in the country.
  4. As of year-end 2019, the electric power sector’s carbon dioxide emissions were at their lowest level since 1987 and are down one-third compared to 2005 levels. Among EEI’s member companies, carbon emissions have been reduced even more and were 45 percent below 2005 levels as of year-end 2019. 
  5. The electric power industry’s energy efficiency programs avoided the generation of 149 million metric tons of carbon emissions and saved enough electricity to power 26 million U.S. homes for one year in 2018, the latest year for which data are available. 

Find more key facts in this factsheet from the Institute for Electric Innovation and in EEI’s Earth Day infographic, and learn how to save energy while working or learning from home here​.