OG&E Scholarship Awarded to Student with Special Tie to OG&E
July 2020

Being awarded a scholarship always is a special moment. For Lynsey Mendenhall, being awarded the OG&E Positive Energy Scholarship was particularly special because of her family’s connection to OG&E.  

When John Koons, OG&E community relations coordinator, came to Mendenhall’s family’s home to present the scholarship to her, he was unaware that her great-grandfather, Earl Jones, was an OG&E employee for almost 40 years.

“When we were presenting the scholarship to Lynsey, her grandmother, Linda Howeth, came up to me in tears and said this was so special because her father, Lynsey’s great-grandfather, Earl Jones was an OG&E employee,” said Koons. “I told her that I knew him and thought so highly of him.”

Jones started his OG&E career working in the company’s mail room in December 1947. By the time he retired in August 1986, he had worked his way up to Data Processing Manager. Upon his retirement, Jones and his wife purchased an acreage in Cleveland County where he spent his time mowing and gardening. He passed away on July 8, 2003. 

“My great-grandad worked at OG&E for a long time, and I feel like I am making him proud,” said Mendenhall. “He loved this company."

Mendenhall graduated from Southmoore High School and will attend The University of Tulsa, where she plans to major in chemistry and chemical technology. She is one of three recipients of the 2020 OG&E Positive Energy Scholarship and will receive up to $60,000 toward college costs.​

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