National Grid Partners with Nestlé for LED Upgrade
November 2020
Nestle Purina’s manufacturing facility in Dunkirk, New York, recently received robust LED lighting technology upgrades thanks to a $125,000 National Grid energy efficiency incentive. These lighting changes will increase productivity, create a sustainable work environment, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1,100 tons, which the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says is equivalent to the annual energy consumption of 114 U.S. homes.  

Purina replaced nearly 1,000 fluorescent lights, which were nearing the end of their lives, with advanced LED lighting equipped with motion-sensor controls that will provide higher-quality light, safer workspaces, and reduced maintenance costs for the facility.   

“When companies invest in their facilities, we know that they are committed to staying and growing in the region,” said National Grid Regional Director Ken Kujawa. “Companies such as Purina have significant impacts on local and regional economies, and these types of investments are critical elements of sustainability and customer growth, which have long been areas of focus for National Grid. We look forward to continuing to work with Purina to identify other opportunities to unlock efficiencies, reduce energy costs, and further reduce their carbon footprint.”   

National Grid’s Energy Efficiency Program, which funded Purina’s LED light upgrades, includes financial incentives for commercial and industrial customers to reduce electricity costs. Incentives are available for customers to install energy-efficient lighting, controls, HVAC equipment, motors/electronic speed controls, and other systems that reduce energy use and/or enhance productivity. For more information, visit    

“We appreciate National Grid’s support to help us further our mission to make Purina pet food products in an environmentally responsible manner,” said Will Steiner, factory manager of Purina’s Dunkirk facility.    

Both companies have set sustainability and clean energy goals. National Grid is working toward a cleaner energy future with its Net Zero by 2050 plan. Purina is working toward zero environmental impact in its operations globally by 2030. ​

(Photo description: Frank Ippolito, a Purina Dunkirk employee of nearly 30 years, stands in the factory's warehouse, where the company partnered with National Grid to install advanced LED lighting upgrades. Purina has made high-quality dog and cat food at its factory for nearly 50 years and is committed to sustainable operations.) ​​