ComEd Installs Smart Kiosks in Chicago Neighborhood
December 2020
Commonwealth Edison, an Exelon company, installed two touchless Smart Kiosks in Chicago’s Bronzeville neighborhood, providing residents easy access to a Wi-Fi hotspot and important information. This installation is part of ComEd’s Community of the Future initiative, which aims to deploy smart and sustainable energy solutions in urban communities. 

"ComEd works to find new ways to connect our customers to information and resources that power their daily lives," said Dr. Shay Bahramirad, vice president of engineering and smart grid at ComEd. "Similar to other smart energy solutions we have piloted in Bronzeville, such as an electric car service and community microgrid, these innovations focus on improving the lives of the people we are privileged to serve." 

The ComEd Smart Kiosks are interactive displays that provide residents with free access to vital, real-time information, including weather, emergency alerts, public transportation route tracking, pedestrian wayfinding, local business promotion, and neighborhood events. 

The Smart Kiosk pilot was launched in 2018 through a partnership with Interactive Kiosk Experience, with the goal of installing kiosks in critical need areas of Chicago. The first of three kiosks was installed at the corner of 35th St. and Dr. Martin Luther King Dr. and remains there today. With the successful pilot in Bronzeville, ComEd plans to roll out additional kiosks in Chicagoland and northern Illinois. 

To ensure a safe experience during and after the pandemic, ComEd will regularly clean and maintain the Smart Kiosks, which also feature advanced technology that scrolls messages automatically, eliminating the need to touch the equipment. 

This effort is an example of how EEI member companies are building Smart Communities that use data and technology to help drive efficiencies, improve sustainability, spur economic development, and enhance the quality of life for citizens.