Hawaiian Electric Lineworker Proves He’s Tough as Nails
May 2021
One of three contestants battling in the final round of the CBS reality competition show Tough as Nails was a Hawaiian Electric power line technician. In April, Cyril “Zeus” Ontai III (pictured in the middle) took second place and left a mark as the show’s first lineworker contestant.

In an interview with MidWeek, Ontai said, “I got to represent Hawai‘i and represent linemen.” 

Tough as Nails highlights people who do difficult work across the country. The contestants compete in challenges that test a variety of skill sets. The winner receives $200,000 and a Ford F-150 truck. 

Contestants, even those who were eliminated from the individual competitions, could still compete to win cash prizes in team competitions each episode. Ontai earned $9,200 for completing challenges throughout the season. 

In Ontai’s bio for the show, he said he was competing for his family and wanted to win the money to invest in his two children’s futures. 

Ontai, who has been a lineworker for about nine years, acknowledged that his job is one of the most dangerous jobs in the United States. 

During his interview with MidWeek, he said, “When there’s a power outage, we’re the ones who go out and get the power back on. It doesn’t matter what it’s like outside, rain or storm, we’re out there.” 

If you would like to watch Ontai compete in the show, you can watch all episodes on the CBS website.

Photo courtesy of Hawaiian Electric.