Protecting the Energy Grid from Today's Cyber Threats
April 2016

​The men and women of the electric power industry take their charge to protect the energy grid from all evolving threats very seriously. “Every day they are working to improve the security, reliability, and resiliency of the grid. Yet, the work that is happening behind the scenes is often overlooked,” writes EEI President Tom Kuhn in The Christian Science Monitor.
“Protecting our critical infrastructure in today's threat environment is no easy task, since sophisticated cyberthreats are constantly adapting and evolving. Our security strategies also must constantly evolve and must be closely coordinated with the federal government. Electric companies are experts in running the grid, and the federal government has law enforcement and intelligence-gathering capabilities. By working together, industry and government greatly enhance our nation's ability to defend and protect against threats.”

The electric power industry also undertakes extensive contingency planning and live situational exercises to prepare and test response and recovery procedures. “Electric power companies are constantly managing risk by understanding that something could go wrong and planning for the worst-case scenario,” writes EEI Managing Director for Cyber and Critical Infrastructure Security Scott Aaronson in The Hill’s Congress Blog.
For more, read Tom Kuhn’s oped and Scott Aaronson’s blog post.