MGE Provides Fast Charger for Electric Fire Truck
November 2021
Earlier this year, the Madison Fire Department added the Volterra™ Electric Pumper to its fleet to serve the east side of Madison, Wis. This fire truck, which is quieter and more sustainable than traditional models, was made possible through a partnership with Madison Gas and Electric (MGE) and Pierce Manufacturing. 

MGE added a direct current fast charger at Fire Station 8 to keep the new truck charged and ready to serve the community. 

“If they need to go a long distance, that’s no problem because it’s got a second fuel source on board,” said MGE Senior Engineer Dave Toso.

Pierce Manufacturing worked with the Madison Fire Department during development, reviewing engine data over a 24-hour duty cycle and designing a battery system around those demands. The truck is powered by a 155-kilowatt-hour battery pack, which sufficiently meets the City’s daily duty cycle. The electric pumper truck allows for sustainable operation without compromising performance. 

The city of Madison aims to have its municipal operations run fully on renewable energy by 2030, and this electric truck is a step in the right direction. 

Electrifying transportation reduces emissions while saving money, improving the environment, and enhancing quality of life for everyone.

Watch this video from MGE to hear from MGE employees and the fire department about how the new pump truck is benefiting the department and the community. 

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