Building a Smarter Energy Infrastructure
May 2016

This week is National Infrastructure Week, an initiative highlighting why “Infrastructure Matters” across industries. Our nation’s energy grid is the critical infrastructure that efficiently delivers reliable and safe energy so we always get the power we need. For America’s electric power companies, modernizing our energy grid to make it smarter, more dynamic, and more secure is a priority.

Last year, the electric power industry invested $103.3 billion to build a smarter energy infrastructure and to transition to even cleaner generation sources. Over the past decade, the industry invested $827 billion in total capital expenditures.
The continued deployment of digital smart meters—with close to 65 million installed in about half of all U.S. house¬holds to date—is one key building block of a more dynamic and more secure power grid. (As a recent MarketWatch article notes, smart meters change how Americans manage their energy bills and provide customers with more control and flexibility.) Investments that hasten the integration of new technologies—such as wind and solar, energy storage, microgrids, and other devices in our homes and businesses—are another.
Electric power companies are also working side-by-side with technology partners to integrate the many new innovations coming to market each day and to further unlock the potential of a digital and distributed energy grid. As the electric power industry continues to transform, it is clear that #InfrastructureMatters.