A Unique Partnership for Clean Energy Research
June 2016

​As the demand for clean energy increases, electric companies like Exelon are constantly looking for new ways to deliver the safe, reliable, affordable, and clean energy customers want. But while technologies like solar panels and smart meters are well-established and continue to become cheaper and more efficient, other technologies need more work before their benefits can be deployed to the energy grid.
Understanding the fundamental importance of research, Exelon recently partnered with Northwestern University and its Institute for Sustainability and Energy at Northwestern (ISEN) to form a five-year strategic research partnership. The Northwestern-Exelon research agreement will focus on clean energy innovation, and scaling these innovations for eventual deployment on the power grid to benefit customers. Areas of study under the effort include grid management and resilience, energy storage, and renewable technologies, among others.

Discoveries made could have a direct impact on the way energy is generated, transmitted and used in the United States, making the electricity that customers rely upon even more reliable, resilient and clean.

“Leading energy companies at the cutting-edge of our electric power grid, like Exelon, are ideal partners for Northwestern and its entire research enterprise," said ISEN’s Executive Director Michael Wasielski. Companies like Exelon bring both field experience and resources to bear that can help accelerate the deployment of any findings. Recognizing this, the Exelon-ISEN partnership is geared toward streamlining the evaluation, testing and scaling processes so discoveries can be operationalized and begin bringing value to the customer faster.

"With the energy landscape evolving faster than ever, Exelon is building relationships with top research centers to create an ecosystem for advancing energy technology and ingenuity," said Exelon President and CEO Chris Crane. "This partnership brings together Exelon's industry and market expertise with Northwestern's deep research capabilities. It is an important step in our work to uncover and bring to life the very latest innovations that can benefit our company, our customers and the communities we serve."