IEI, EEI and 1776 Partner for Industry Innovation
June 2016
Some think of the electric power industry as the original start-up. It was lean, nimble, and relied on a core group of loyal followers to establish a winning culture. So what better way to take the industry to the next level of innovation than to partner with start-up incubator 1776?

1776 leverages its network of mentors, experts, industry partners, and investors to support startups and help to identify the most promising ideas. The partnership among EEI, IEI and 1776 was formally announced at EEI’s Annual Convention, attended by the industry’s top executives and technology partners.
Evan Burfield, cofounder and co-CEO of 1776, aptly said, “What’s truly unique about this partnership among 1776, EEI, and IEI is that, by tapping into the start-up community, we’re accelerating the pace of innovation to bring tomorrow’s technologies to customers today.”

By partnering with 1776, the industry reinforces the cultivation of good ideas as companies continue to transform. These good ideas will inject new innovation into an industry with a proven track record of scaling technologies. 
 “Our partnership with 1776 allows us to identify strong start-up partners and innovative thinkers who can bring to market cutting-edge technologies that deliver the energy future our customers want and expect,” said Brian Wolff, executive vice president, public policy and external affairs at EEI.
The industry has partnered with hundreds of breakthrough technology companies for years. This latest partnership continues to strengthen the electric power industry’s commitment to advancing and facilitating next-generation energy solutions. EEI and IEI bring a wealth of expertise and institutional knowledge to the rapidly changing industry, and 1776 helps bridge the gap for startups and new innovators.