EEI, IEI Select First “E Prize for Innovation” Awardee
June 2016

​The future of energy is changing, and electric power companies are leading the change. In celebration of the innovation occurring across the industry, EEI and IEI recently awarded the inaugural “E Prize for Innovation” to start-up company Ecoisme. Ecoisme was a semifinalist in 1776’s annual Energy Forum Global Challenge Cup.

Ecoisme co-Founder Alexander Diatlov attended the 2016 EEI Annual Convention in Chicago where he met with key industry leaders and showcased the company’s technology to a wide array of stakeholders from the electric power industry.

The Ecoisme Energy Monitoring System is a state-of-the-art intelligent box that connects to a single outlet in your house and automatically recognizes the power profiles of your devices.

Leveraging an interactive dashboard, homeowners can track energy usage, single out home appliances, check their energy efficiency, and determine the best ways for saving energy. In addition, Ecoisme can talk to other networked smart devices, managed from a single app, and can assist with lowering the cost of energy in the home. Ecosime utilizes unique technology that combines nonintrusive load monitoring and spectrum analysis to provide accurate and reliable data.

A transformation is underway in the electric power industry, and innovative transformation means collaboration with innovative partners, such as the recently announced partnership with start-up incubator 1776, and companies like Ecoisme.

“Congratulations to Ecoisme for winning the inaugural E Prize for Innovation for its home energy management technology,” said Brian Wolff, executive vice president, public policy and external affairs at EEI. “The more electric power companies and startups like Ecoisme can work together, the greater our chances for success will be in providing our customers the clean energy solutions they want.”