Edison International Award Winner: AES Corporation
June 2016

​Today the electric power industry is the largest user of energy story technology across the United States, accounting for 85 percent of systems installed in 2015. The AES Corporation (AES) knows this all too well. Operating in four markets across the globe in Chile, the U.K., the Netherlands, and in the U.S., AES is focused on providing energy storage solutions that make renewables far more efficient.

In 2007, an AES team built, what was then, the very first lithium ion battery for the energy grid. Since then, many iterations of the battery have been developed. Now in its fourth generation, Advancion™ seeks to provide fast and flexible power control, allowing power generators to run more efficiently.
“Energy storage is going to enable the transformation of the electric power system throughout the world, and is one of the keys to the integration of renewable energy and other distributed resources,” said Tim Ash, AES Energy Storage Market Director.
Serving as an alternative to new peaker power plants, Advancion™ is the first-ever battery-based energy storage solution designed to scale in size, and it is already in service making the energy grid smarter and more resilient worldwide.
By the end of 2016, AES will have deployed energy storage projects in six countries.
EEI is proud to award the 2016 International Edison Award to AES Corporation.